Who Is Matt James?


It’s me. I’m doing this website with the same MacBook Pro I use to make the music.

Born in Scotland, grew up in England, I’m half Australian and I live in Hong Kong, an amazing city that I love. I’ve had almost no formal musical training, I create tunes and words and have a system for shaping and arranging them into a song.

I deny the lyrics in these songs are anything I am or know. But on some level, they always are.

I sing but I’m really no singer and don’t pretend to be. I play bass guitar somewhat. The ‘musical force behind Matt James’ (as one dear friend put it) are two real musicians who help colour my songs, Claudio Canzonetta who plays piano and keyboards, and Chris Collins who plays guitar, and to those two gentlemen, I am very grateful.

I always welcome feedback of any nature, so please feel free to drop me a note at mattjames@mattjamessongsite.com

Thank you for listening!