Watching Our Lives - Commentary


When the author David Mitchell visited Hong Kong, he was asked how it felt when he knew he’d got a piece of prose just right. He likened the feeling to when a ruler held flat on a table vibrates satifyingly, not too tight and not too loose.

This was the first track I did with Claudio and it had that feeling. A few months later we recruited a couple of guys and played some of these songs in a small studio. Of them all, this one seemed to be the most satisfying all round.

A while after I finished the song, I noticed the chords in the verse were somewhat close to Pachelbel’s Canon. This is the loop heard at weddings and funerals and the chords feature in a number of pop and rock songs from Aerosmith and the Beatles through to U2 and Vitamin C. (..W,X,Y,Z). Check out the Pachelbel Rant on YouTube and background in Wikipedia.

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